Misérable Couture represents my artistic vision of time, fashion and technology- A time when high color and materialism masks a somber nature-- where humans are possessed with humors containing black bile and melancholy temperaments.  "Wistful World" is a new blend manga & pop surrealism- mixed with lugubrious emotions created with watercolors, gouache and PrismaMarkers.  My inspiration stems from victorian-era medical devices,  geekery, EDM (Electric Dance Music) and cosplay/outlandish costumery ~ All blended together.  And if I could, I would go to Burning Man every year!  
Most of my time I am painting and listening to Chemical Brothers or DeadMau5.  I believe in creating characters that tell a story, rather than simply painting a portrait.  I hope you find my work intriguing and a breath of stale air.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or perhaps I will catch you at one my shows!
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